It is day 7 and it is finally 75 degrees out!  No more foul weather gear.  All of us finally had a good nights sleep and the sea gull was still with us.  When I came up to relieve Paul, we had hardly any wind and were only going 4 knots through the water.  So we rolled up the genoa and turned the motor on.  We altered course and headed south east again.  Now we were motor sailing, and we were going in the right direction.  The rally rule is if you are going under 5 knots, the motor should be turned on.  We were averaging 6.5 knots now.  It was absolutely gorgeous out here.  I can't even begin to come up with the words to describe it.  We are having a blast.  There is about three days to go till we get to Tortola.  I am almost sad not to be sailing in the open ocean, however I can't wait to go snorkeling!&

It is Saturday now and day six of our voyage. The winds were 15 to 25 knots with gust of 30 knots.  Still had 12 to 18 foots seas.  We were only sailing with a reefed genoa.

Now we are on day 5 and the winds are 15 to 20 knots with gust to 30 knots.  It was another restless night, however by now you are just used to the wind and the seas.  The seas are incredible, With swells of 15 feet and breaking waves.  When you are on top of the wave you can see for miles, however when you are at the bottom all you see is water.  You see the wave you just went over and the wave behind you nothing else.  Also, when you are on top of the wave looking down it, it seems to go on and on.  Even though the seas and winds were the same we were on our rub line and heading south east to Tortola.  We are almost half way there now!  There was still no showers today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Paul decided to cook the rest of the Mahi Mahi today.  So I made a mango peach couscous and broccoli.  Then for the Mahi

It is November 12, 2010 and day four of our trip.  We still had the same winds and seas.  It was a cold cloudy morning with squalls that came through about every half an hour.  Paul sat with me during my watch for a while.  When the squalls would come through there would always be a rainbow.  Some were full ended and others were just part of the rainbow.  Toward the end of my watch, I saw a full ended rainbow.  It was spectacular.  It was a rough day with all the seas.  We didn't fish today, due to we still had a bunch of filet's left over.  Paul and I tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Oh, with the seas none of us have not been able to take showers yet!  At least I have wipes to clean the body off, which helps a little bit.  When you're down below in the boat, you are either sleeping, cooki

It is day three and I am feeling great!  The wind was blowing 15 to 25 knots, with gust to 30 knots out of the north west.  The seas were 10 to 19 foot swells and was only about 30 degrees out.  By the afternoon it was to get to about 50 degrees.  I relieved Paul at 6:00am for watch.  The sun started to come up.  There were clouds is the sky and sun rays were beaming through them.  It was spectacular!  I saw two other boats this morning that are part of the rally.  As the morning went on the boats were out of your site.  They were probably only ten miles away.  Jim came up for his watch around 9:00 am.  He was feeling much better.

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