Gordon & Kelly Learn

Our friends Gordon and Kelly came in for the holidays.   They arrived on Christmas day around 5:30 pm.  We had them meet us at Nanny Cay.  That evening we joined three other boats for dinner at Peg Legs for Christmas dinner.  The next morning we headed out and sailed to The Bight home of the Willy T, which is a floating pirate ship bar.  We snorkled for a while and had fun watching the charter boats try to pick up moorings.  Afterwards, we headed up to the Willy T for happy hour.  It was great drinks and fun dancing.  Then we went back to the boat for dinner.

The next morning we went to Benures Bay, which is a small anchorage with no restuarants or stores that you should med moor in.  Well, we have not put the anchor down since we have left the Cheasepeake and instead of going in reverse I put the boat in foward.  Needless to say the anchor did not set.  So, we did it again with no issues this time and successfully tied a line to shore.  We decided to stay here for three days.  We hike two different trails.  One trail took us to The Bight and the other one took us to Money Bay.  The snorking is great here and all you have to do is jump off the boat.  There is no dingy ride to the snorkling spot.  We had great food, drinks, and dancing all on Moonshadow.  The one morning I was looking out to the sea and saw something floating.  Gordon, Kelly and I started to investagate it more by using the binoculars.  We decided that Paul and Gordon had to get in the dinghy and go get it.  Well it was a teak cocktail table.  They cleaned it up and we used it for the rest of the week.

Now it was a day before New Years Eve and we decide we wanted to go to Trellis Bay.  So, we pulled up the anchor first thing in the morning and headed our way there.  It was a two and a half hour ride.  We decided to motor due to the wind was right on our nose.  It was blowing 25 to 30 knots, so the seas were lumpy.  We had arrived with no issues and there was only a couple of mooring left.  It was great planning due to for the next 48 hours we watch all sort of boats coming in for a mooring to find nothing.  The first day we went up to the Cyber Cafe for the famous 7 grain fish sandwhich.  Then we went to the beach to play paddle ball.  We finished the day off by going to the Last Resort for happy hour.  New Years Eve day we layed low to conserve our energy to stay up past midnight, which we have not done yet this trip.  Kelly and Gordon brought party favors, so we got dressed up and headed to the beach around 8:00 pm.  What a blast we had.  We did lots dancing and had lots of good laughs.  I have to say it was the best New Years Eve in my life so far!