Scott Levy Blogs Part 2

Anchors aweigh.   It is 7 am will catch the 7:30 toll bridge out of Ft. Lauderdale.  Moonshadow has a 63 ft mast and the bridge is 62 ft, so we have to call ahead to arrange the opening, pretty cool!  As we pull out Captain Paul has a friend waiting on us.  A marine police officer, Quintin.  Way too cool we have a police excourt out of the bay.

So now were out in the ocean with 15 knot winds from the north and were heading right into it.  Up down, up down, up down you get the picture.  Holding tight on board outside the cabin.  Life vests must be worn and your snapped in at holds through out the boat.  Your not in Kansas anymore, this is the real deal.  After a 3 hour watch, holding on looking for other boats, adjusting your course, your are beat.  Of course the most important question on everyones mind is will i get sick?  Man this is tiring.  So now were 12 hrs in and we eat light.  I can't put a name on it but, i am fatigued and little whoisy.  So i don't go down yet because i am told that down below is worse you get thrown around even more.  So i stay up top and lay down close my eyes and i feel better.  Wow i am not getting sick!

As we sail into the night nothing seems to change.  The wind is still coming from the north with 5 to 9 ft waves but the time between waves falls off to 5 to 6 sec apart.  Not as bad as earlier, but its a lot of up down, up down, every step that you take has to be carefully thought out.  Step hold, step hold, otherwise your going to fall.  I finally go down below.  I lay in my little bunk that is roped off so you do not roll out.  Time to get some shut eye, lets see what tomorrow brings.