Scott Levy Part 6

Sails are up, seas are down and we are sailing along at 7 knots.  We should reaching Cape Hatteras in 4 hours.  Then off to the opening of the channel of Chesapeake Bay.  We planned our rounding of Cape Hatteras was perfect.  A smooth ride, but what I didn't know is that this area in the ocean is one of the points of the Bermuda triangle.  So now we are sailing blind, no navigational gear is working properly due to magnetic disturbance.

We are about 15 miles off the eastern seaboard and viability is good.  We are sailing by the coast.  So besides sailing around one of the most treacherous areas know as Cape Hatteras, and being in the outer area of the Bermuda triangle we are sailing blind.  Well as they say down in the islands (no worries man).  It will be getting dark soon, then we will be sailing like they did 100's of years ago by the stars.  I feel very confident in Captain Paul and Monica judgment.  If not then you probably would not be reading these words.  Otherwise the seas were spectacular today.  Smooth as glass.  I got to see a giant sea turtle today floating out about 10 miles off the coast.  He was a foot in diameter.

Looking at the charts we have sailed 750 nautical miles and still have another 200 to go.  Not to bad for my first sailing trip.  We have been trying to fish but nothing is bitting,.  Nice seas today 2 to 3 foot rolling waves, breeze is blowing, sails are up a were getting ready to navigate into the Chesapeake bay, which is a huge shipping channel.  So the words of the day are eyes out.  We have to keep a close watch for those freaking frigates, otherwise these huge freighters have the right of way.  There average length comes in at 800 ft compared to our 42 ft.  Once again spectacular views.  After some reading, the entrance to the Chesapeake bay is the Chesapeake bay tunnel bridge.  To drive it is amazing, but to sail over the tunnel is awe inspiring of the capabilities to build such a magnificent structure.  Well as we sail through it is a mile stone of our trip, out of the great north Atlantic ocean and into the Chesapeake bay.

The bay is not that rough today, so it gives us a chance to take hot showers and wash off some of that salt that tends to build up.  Feeling fresh, clean and excited about sailing up the bay to Annapolis.  Last night of sailing and have to keep watch for all those freighters.  There were at least 12 freighters on the bay, while I was down below, Captain Paul had to quickly turn of auto pilot and maneuver around one.  Life on the boat is never ending, you have to have your focus with you at all times.  As I woke at 5:30 am, I see the marina that we are getting ready to pull into.  Wow, what a journey, life on the sea.  I give thanks to Captain Paul and Monica they were exceptional sailors, with safety always there first concerns.  Once again thank you so much Paul and Monica for allowing me to spend time on your boat.  I'll take these experiences with me for the rest of my life.  I hope you enjoy all my words and enjoy my view of life on the ocean.  There are pictures on the site of the adventure.  If you laughed, learned and said too cool.  Then you made my day.  Till my next adventure, see yah!