Scott Levy Part 3

I wake up the calm seas and I ask my self are we moving.  I put my life vest on go up on deck and clamp in.  Oh yah, we are moving 8 to 9 knots thanks to the gulf stream.  No kidding its really cool, the stream runs a current from the south to the north and is running 2 to 3 knots faster (just like in finding nemo).  Its true, its true, the sails are out and engine off.  We are in the high seas moving making good time.  The boat is splashing through the seas, mists are spraying, sun is shining, life is good!  Wait a minute feeling a little fatague, lay down, close my eyes and all is better.  As long as someone is plotting the course and keeping watch.  Captain Paul and Monica have a very high tech set up for navagating.  Trimming the sails and keeping those eyes out its not a bad feeling till of coarse night hits.

Oh boy get ready for a ride.  The wind picked up, waves picked up and day became night.  For the last couple days I was getting used to up and down, up and down, now it was different side to side, side to side, rolling and rolling waves.  I left the helm to more experienced sailors and went down below to lay in my little bunk.  All night side to side, ropes holding me in, listening to noises that I had not heard before.  They were coming from every corner of the boat.  Different noises, clang clang from the bottle cabinet, whoosh boom, whoosh boom came from the bathroom door.  Ching, ching, ching came from the pots and pans.  It was like a orchestra of sounds chiming off the boats as it rolled side to side and up and down.  I did not get much sleep that night and all my muscles ached from just laying in bed.

As I woke in the middle of the night i watched the moon from a port hole going up and down.  This was unique to see.  When I woke in the morning I had this feeling of being in Mchale's Navy and Gilligan's Island at the same time, lets see what today brings.