Scott & Tracy Taylor

Scott & Tracy joined us January 8 for nine days.  Paul picked them up at 7:00 pm in the dinghy in Cruz Bay, St. John and brought them to Caneel Bay where Moonshadow was.  The next morning we headed to Waterlemon Cay.  We did some great snorkling and went for a hike on the Jonny Horn Trail.  Our friends on Sing Dog Sailing, Stephen & Kelly, were also there.  It was Paul's birthday today, however it was also Kelly's birthday as well.  So, we went over to there catameran and had cocktails.  Later we headed back to Moonshadow for dinner and birthday celebration.

It was time to leave the USVI and headed to the BVI.  So, we dropped the mooring and headed to Soper Hole to check into the BVI.  Afterwards, it was off to The Bight for more snorkling and the Willy T.  At the Willy T we decided to indugle in the famous shot board.  Tracy and I found out that Scott and Paul are great dance partners!  The next day we headed to Benures Bay for two nights.  We paddle board, snorkled, hiked the trail to The Bight, and enjoyed each others company. 

Next we are headed to The Bath's.  We got up at O'dark thirty to pull up the anchor and get on our way to get a mooring at the The Bath's by 10:00 am.  When we got there they were all taken.  So, we started to headed to another mooring area when all of a sudden Paul saw a boat leaving.  We turned around immediately and grab it up real quick.  We got all our gear together and dinghy to the dinghy tie up area.  Then we snorkled in to walk through the large granite boulders.  There is a walk way through the boulders with pools of water in differnt areas.  It is truely spaticular.  Once we were done we dropped the mooring put the sail out and headed to Trellis for the night.  We went up to the shops to have a look and then it was back to the boat for a relaxing evening.

The next morning we were off again to Jost Van Dyke, home of Foxy's.  We went ashore for drinks.  Paul manage to find his Energy Plus Sciencetific card hanging in the ceiling that he put there 15 years ago.  We went to the shops.  Tracy & Scott bought a painting and chart of the islands.  I found a sheer wrap that I had to have.  We met this crazy cook that was from Iran that we could not get rid of.  That night we had dinner on the boat and plan to go back into Foxy's.  Instead Paul turned on the generator and got out our messager to massage us all.  Well that was the end of that night.  The next day we had a great sail to Caneel Bay, St. John.  We went up to the beach to play paddle ball and play in the water.  That evening we went into Cruz Bay to walk the town and have dinner.  We ended up have apps at the Skye Lounge then we went off The Cowboy.  We had marigaritas there that the tequila was infused with hot peppers.  They were awesome!


so glad to see Hawk & Tracy with our besties Paul & Monica for a little B-day rendezvous! Wish we could have stayed to play longer!