Day Three Of Our Voyage

It is day three and I am feeling great!  The wind was blowing 15 to 25 knots, with gust to 30 knots out of the north west.  The seas were 10 to 19 foot swells and was only about 30 degrees out.  By the afternoon it was to get to about 50 degrees.  I relieved Paul at 6:00am for watch.  The sun started to come up.  There were clouds is the sky and sun rays were beaming through them.  It was spectacular!  I saw two other boats this morning that are part of the rally.  As the morning went on the boats were out of your site.  They were probably only ten miles away.  Jim came up for his watch around 9:00 am.  He was feeling much better. Thank God!  With all the sicknesses that was going around on the boat, I was spraying Lysol constantly to kill the germs.  I made oatmeal for breakfast.  Paul and I took a nap shortly after that.  We got up around 1:30 pm.  It was time to fish.  Paul put a cedar plug on the line and casted, Within an half of an hour we had a fish on.  It took Paul about 40 minutes to bring the fish in.  As Paul got the fish closer to the boat, we realized we had a Mahi Mahi.  A big Mahi Mahi at that.  Paul finally got the Mahi Mahi reeled in and poured vodka in it's gill to kill it.  The Mahi Mahi was 42 inches long. Next he fillet the Mahi Mahi on deck.  We let the fish chill down for 2 hours.  Then Chef Paul made an excellent diner for us.  After dinner it was time for me to do watch again.  The seas were rocking and rolling and was hard for any of us to get some rest.  I think I may have gotten an hour of real sleep.

Having fun on the high seas

Sounds like all of you are adjusting well to life at sea. At least there are 4 of you sit watches. Judy & I were all we had & no one else to turn the helm over to. Thank goodness for our third & best crew member AUTOPILOT She never complained or took a break By the way how did the vane handle the boat & seas? Glad you are having fun Fred