The Fourth Day Of Our Voyage

It is November 12, 2010 and day four of our trip.  We still had the same winds and seas.  It was a cold cloudy morning with squalls that came through about every half an hour.  Paul sat with me during my watch for a while.  When the squalls would come through there would always be a rainbow.  Some were full ended and others were just part of the rainbow.  Toward the end of my watch, I saw a full ended rainbow.  It was spectacular.  It was a rough day with all the seas.  We didn't fish today, due to we still had a bunch of filet's left over.  Paul and I tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.  Oh, with the seas none of us have not been able to take showers yet!  At least I have wipes to clean the body off, which helps a little bit.  When you're down below in the boat, you are either sleeping, cooking, or plotting.  There is no just sitting around and hanging out.  There is so much rocking and rolling your stomach gets funny on you.  Everyone hung out in the cockpit, with foul weather gear on.  Plus we are unable to open any hatches due to the spray of the seas.  So, it is hot and smelly!  We did see some flying fish and dolphins today.  As night fall came the seas were 20 foot swells and the winds were a steady 25 knots with gust to 35 knots.  I ask to do other chores tonight and  have someone else do my watch.  It was a little overwhelming to me and didn't feel comfortable taking the helm.  The boys were cool with that, so I did radio check in and the dishes.  I ended up talking to our buddies on Rule 62 on the check in.  It was good to here there voice again.  It was another rough night.  Jim kept telling us that the weather is normally 75 and calm seas by the second day, but not on this trip.  It was going to be another rough and cold night.