Day Five Of Our Voyage

Now we are on day 5 and the winds are 15 to 20 knots with gust to 30 knots.  It was another restless night, however by now you are just used to the wind and the seas.  The seas are incredible, With swells of 15 feet and breaking waves.  When you are on top of the wave you can see for miles, however when you are at the bottom all you see is water.  You see the wave you just went over and the wave behind you nothing else.  Also, when you are on top of the wave looking down it, it seems to go on and on.  Even though the seas and winds were the same we were on our rub line and heading south east to Tortola.  We are almost half way there now!  There was still no showers today.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Paul decided to cook the rest of the Mahi Mahi today.  So I made a mango peach couscous and broccoli.  Then for the Mahi Mahi, I encrusted it and pan fried it.  Let me tell you it was not an easy task!  The boat was rocking and rolling. Music was also playing.  I was being thrown all over the place.  Thank God for the belt we have in the galley to keep you strapped in!  We sat down for dinner around 6:00 pm.  The dinner was incredible and worth all the frustration I had making it!  It was time to begin night watches again.  We saw a moonbow just before everybody, except the watch person, went down below.  The moonbow is just like a rainbow except it is a grayish color.  I never even knew they existed.  

Glad you're safe

Congratulations on making it to your destination Paul and Monica! Quite an adventure! Can't wait to hear more stories - you've outdone yourselves with the website and blog. Prayers are with Rule 62 and crew members, for a safe return for all crew. Get some rest, and then let the rum flow. See you at MM in the spring. Chrisnjeff