Day Seven Of Our Voyage

It is day 7 and it is finally 75 degrees out!  No more foul weather gear.  All of us finally had a good nights sleep and the sea gull was still with us.  When I came up to relieve Paul, we had hardly any wind and were only going 4 knots through the water.  So we rolled up the genoa and turned the motor on.  We altered course and headed south east again.  Now we were motor sailing, and we were going in the right direction.  The rally rule is if you are going under 5 knots, the motor should be turned on.  We were averaging 6.5 knots now.  It was absolutely gorgeous out here.  I can't even begin to come up with the words to describe it.  We are having a blast.  There is about three days to go till we get to Tortola.  I am almost sad not to be sailing in the open ocean, however I can't wait to go snorkeling!  We threw the food debris over board this morning and the sea gull went after it.  Finally, we were rid of it.  The sea gull shit all over the boat.  We used a bucket and filled it with salt water trying to get rid of some of it.  The seas are very calm today and we all finally got showers!!  Thank God.  There is not enough spray in the world to cover up the smell from all of us.  We were able to open hatches too.  It was Paul's turn to cook diner.  He made sausage, pepper, onions and potatoes.  It hit the spot.  The sun went down.  We have not seen one good sun set yet.  There has always been lot of clouds in the way.   

Having fun yet

So glad you are having good weather Hope you didn't get too beat up the first few days If it is any consolation it was cloudy, rainy, & windy in St.Martin 600 miles or more south of you Fred