Day Eight Of Our Voyage

We are on day 8 now.  It is 75 degrees with no wind.  We had a great sunrise today.  The night sleep was great.  The seas have completely flattened out.  I came up for my watch and Mike and Paul were up talking away.  I saw he had my coffee grinder out.  It was time to grind the coffee.  It takes no electrical power,   You just hand crank it and it grinds away.  It took about an half an hour to grind a 1 lb.bag.  Then Paul put the fishing line in.  I ended up taking roll call this morning at 8:00 am.  I ended up hearing disturbing news about our friends on Rule 62.  They diverted earlier in the trip to the Bahamas.  They had an unhappy crew member that was ready to get off the boat.  After they did the drop the were planning to head to Tortola again.  As they entered the Bahamas they ended up hitting a coral reef and ended up on a sand bar.  The report said there was a girl crew member still missing.  We decided to have a crew meeting and talk about it for a while.  We all said a prayer for them and hope they are OK!  Afterwords, Paul made a kick ass breakfast (Ham,onions,red,yellow,orange pepper,eggs,tomatoes,and cheddar cheese)  Then it was time to check the fuel.  We have been motoring for 30 hours now.  Mike and Jim added 20 gallons of fuel to the starboard tank.  Using the simple siphon to transfer the fuel.  Our friend from home gave us the simple siphon just before we left and it works great.  Thank you Tony!, on Roundabout.  We still have 100 gallons of fuel on board, which would take us about 600 miles.  We have 314 miles left, so we should have plenty of fuel.  We decided to shake the reef out of the main even though there was hardly any wind.  While we were trying to do that, we had a fish on the line.  Everything got put on hold.  Then our second reel had a fish on it too.  Paul reeled in the first fish.  It was a Mahi Mahi.  Then he went to reel the second one in, but we lost it.  Paul filleted the fish and put it in ice to cool.  Mike went back to putting the main up.  With the light air we decided to put the spinnaker up and give the engine a rest.  Besides, we just put the company logo on it and wanted to check it out.  The sail looked great and the sail makers packed it right so it didn't tangle.  We sailed with the spinnaker for 2 hours.  We were making 5 knots with 7 knots apparent wind. What a great day!  We lowered the spinnaker and turned the engine back on.  One of our crew members has to get on a plane on Thursday.  So, we have to get into port by Wednesday afternoon so we can clear customs.  It's only blowing 6 knots of wind and is 84 degrees.  It sure doesn't feel like Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Monica you look incredible and

Monica you look incredible and your journal entries are amazing! After reading them, I feel like we were with you during the entire journey. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labors! Miss you both....hugs and kisses, Tracy and Hawk

Congratulations! Missed you guys.

Congratulations! Missed you guys. Juan,Tam and The crew

Glad you are safe...!

Hi Paul and Monica: Its Friday, November 19th - sipping scotch and reading you posts, very exciting and we are certainly envious. Very glad you are safe. How did the Monitor Vane work for you? Captain Tom

Wind Vane

did not get to use her as of yet.  Planing on using this week in Sir Francis Drake Channel.  Enjoying the good life, and getting into island time.

Nice Sunshine

Wow A nice spinnaker it is. Very Very SWEET!