Day 9 Of Our Voyage

It's another beautiful day and day nine of our adventure!  We had a great sunrise.  There is hardly any wind and it is about 70 degrees out.  Life is good!  We are still motor sailing.  Paul put the fishing line out first thing this morning.  It looks like we are going to be in on Wednesday  afternoon.  Paul had to fix the engine driven refrigeration this morning.  Glad we have a refrigeration expert on board!  He had it fixed in an hour.  I started getting myself ready for the islands.  You ask what is there to get ready?  Well the toes need some new polish on them.  Which the nail polish really doesn't like the salt air.  It kept getting all lumpy on me.  But, I got them done.  We had a bacon quiche this morning.  I had prepared before we left for our adventure.  Our crew just can't get over our meals we have been eating.  They were expecting peanut butter and jelly for most of the trip.  It is day 21 for us all to be together and we are having a great time!  Around 3:00 pm the engine died.  Fortunately we just ran out of fuel in our starboard tank.  Now we are down to 65 gallons of fuel.  We have 148 miles to go!  So, we should be good.  We decided to take the reefs out of the main and put the genoa out.  We were going 5 knots with only 8 knots of wind from the north east.  Finally we had the wind in the right direction.  Then we decided to put the stay sail out.  We ended up going 6 knots.  We were having a great sail.  We also finally had a fantastic sunset today.