Everybody receives a silver plate for making it to Tortola.  After the ceremony the rally had a dinner for everyone.  They put out a huge spread of food.  Everything was great.  There was lots of laughter and a food fight during dinner.  Thank God it was only bread!  Afterwards, they had a band.  Paul and I had a great time dancing in the sand.



We are having a blast!  We have been swimming, washing the boat, going to parties, and getting our land legs back.  On Thursday, there was a awards ceremony.  Juan decided to join us and found a new friend Jim.  They hung out for a while and enjoyed the festivities.  Juan on a stick was very surprised that he was not alone!



It is the final day of our trip and at 6:00 am we have about 52 miles to go.  we were still flying all three sails.  The wind was 15 knots out of the north east and it was about 80 degrees.  We had 6 foot swells.  Paul starting getting cleaned up for customs.  The rally told us that you should be all cleaned up to go into customs.  So, he shaved, fixed his hair up, and put on some fresh cloths.  Then Paul proceeded to fill out the forms for customs.  Everything was going smooth and we saw land in front of us.  The boat was rock and rolling again.  The boat was going 7 knots and was healed over 25 degrees.  What a great way to come into Tortola.  Just as we started entering the protected waters, the wind died.  So, we decided to put the sails away and turn on the engine.  We were only 10 miles away for cus

It's another beautiful day and day nine of our adventure!  We had a great sunrise.  There is hardly any wind and it is about 70 degrees out.  Life is good!  We are still motor sailing.  Paul put the fishing line out first thing this morning.  It looks like we are going to be in on Wednesday  afternoon.  Paul had to fix the engine driven refrigeration this morning.  Glad we have a refrigeration expert on board!  He had it fixed in an hour.  I started getting myself ready for the islands.  You ask what is there to get ready?  Well the toes need some new polish on them.  Which the nail polish really doesn't like the salt air.  It kept getting all lumpy on me.  But, I got them done.  We had a bacon quiche this morning.  I had prepared before we left for our adventure.  Our crew just

We are on day 8 now.  It is 75 degrees with no wind.  We had a great sunrise today.  The night sleep was great.  The seas have completely flattened out.  I came up for my watch and Mike and Paul were up talking away.  I saw he had my coffee grinder out.  It was time to grind the coffee.  It takes no electrical power,   You just hand crank it and it grinds away.  It took about an half an hour to grind a 1 lb.bag.  Then Paul put the fishing line in.  I ended up taking roll call this morning at 8:00 am.  I ended up hearing disturbing news about our friends on Rule 62.  They diverted earlier in the trip to the Bahamas.  They had an unhappy crew member that was ready to get off the boat.  After they did the drop the were planning to head to Tortola again.  As they entered the Bahamas they e

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