May 21, 2014

We finally left Fort Lauderdale yesterday morning & we are currently at 29 43.906, 80 00.089, which is just about Florida & Georgia boarder. The first 24 hours were not so fun. We had NE winds 15 to 20 knots, which means we are heading just off the wind. However, now the wind is about 5 knots and the seas have really calmed down. We should have this for about the next 24 hours. We will see what the weather will bring us after that. We may have to go into Cape Fear for a night. It just depends on the front coming off of Cape Hatteras. We did have a great time in Fort Lauderdale. We met up with our friends Quintin & Kris for a few happy hours. They took us out shopping one day and to Fort Lauderdale. We had lunch on the canal, it was fun to watch all the boats go by. Thanks for the great times! We also got our cabin measured for a new bed to be made, which is why we were not able to depart with the rest of the rally. We should have the new bed in the first week of June. Saturday our crew member, Scott Leve, showed up in the morning. Scott did not have any experience in sailing, but wanted to go on an adventure. So, we spent all day going over the ship and teaching the basics of sailing. Later that evening, we went for sushi and then to see our favorite guitar player Alex Fox. What a great night.


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Glad that you are on passage once again Fair winds & great sails the rest of the way back to the Bay. Judy & I will be cruising the central bay for 5 days over the Mem. Day weekend. Have fun