On December 7 we were still in Leverick Bay on a mooring.  We went to Jumbies Bar for a beach barbeque with the lively macko jumbies dancers (Caribbean stilt dancers).  The food was great.  Paul had two rounds of the buffet.  There was a fun band playing called Hard Core.  Then around eight pm the jumbies did their show which lasted about an hour.  One of the jumbies went for a swim in the pool.  It was a fun evening.  We also ran into Captain Woody's crew.  We also ran into them at the Willy T.  They are down for the week on their cruise.

December 7, 2012 So not all days are just fun in the sun.   Yesterday we found a bolt hanging out under the engine.  We spent three hours looking all around the engine trying to find the missing hole.  Finally we decided to call Nick from Bayshore to help guide us.  Sure enough we found where the bolt went in five minutes.  Now it is time for oil change on the engine and generator.  Paul didn't need my help anymore.  I preceeded to clean all the salt off the life lines and windows.  Then onto cleaning the inside of Moonshadow.  We are almost done for the day.  Soon it will be fun in the sun again.

Paul has found a new way to pass time.  When we where in Trellius Bay we went to Aragorn's Studio.  They have all sorts of items there such as art, sculptures, pottery, t-shirts and local art.  With all these items around, Paul found a mini steel drum.  Now we have all kinds of music coming from Moonshadow.

We met up with Scott and Jennifer on Pendragon, which is one of the boats that did the Caribbean 1500 this year.  They have a Valant 40.  They came aboard and had cocktails & hourderves.  The next day we all had a gereat down sail to Benures Bay and anchored out for the evening.  We ended up going over to their boat and having cocktails & a wonderful pasta salad with a peanut sauce.  The next day we decided to go to the Willy T which is a floating bar.  We had a great dinner on Moonshadow and proceded to the Willy T.  It was a great dancing evening!  Thank you for all the fun Scott & Jen!

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