Moonshadow departed Hampton VA on Nov 3, a full day ahead of schedule.  After analyzing the weather forecasts, the rally office determined that a good weather window exists for the next several days and that it's best to leave early rather than late.

Moonshadow was delayed a couple of hours while a technician came on board to tweak some of the new electronics.  After eveything checked out they left the dock at about 3:30pm.

Satellite tracking is on and you can follow their progress by clicking on the "Track Us" link in the top menu.



The Moonshadow crew is all ready to go.  Pictured below, just before departure from Hampton, are Drew, Jim, Paul and Monica.

Finally left Annapolis on our way to Hampton, Va

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July 20, 2012.  Finally, after a nine and a half month refit we finally have left Bert Jabin's at 1:00 pm.  The weather is not favorable so, we made only to a mooring right out from the marina.  We wanted to leave by 9:30 this morning, however we had a few contractors that finished up a few things.  It still feels great not to be tied up to a dock.  Thank you MRP Refits, Marine Electrical Services, Horton Marine, Bay Shore Marine, M Yachts, and Annapolis Gel coat & Repair for all the hard work and helping our dream come true. 

 We have met a lot of fun people in the yard in the past 8 months.  This particular night we managed to have 11 people in our cockpit for sun downers.  From left to right is:  Hayet, Piote, Dan, Paul, Peter, James, Melissa, Lloyd, Simon, Vincent, and of course I was the one taking the picture.  It was a great evening!



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