June 19, 2012.  Finally after an extensive winter refit, Moonshadow is floating and tied up to one of the docks at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard.  She has been at Bert Jabin's on the hard since last October.  We have basically removed electrical panel, all electrical wires, engine, generator, water hoses, engine hoses, refrigeration, air conditioning, and much more.  Now everything is replaced with new and almost completely installed.  It has been a busy winter.  More to come with refit.



After getting back from Tortola, I had to get shoulder surgery in June 2011.  I have been having issues with my left shoulder for many years and it was time to take care of it before we head off on our next adventure.  Needless to say, Summer of 2011 we did not get much sailing in.  I was not able to drive until the end of August.  Paul still went down to work on Moonshadow on the weekends and left me at home.  It took a good six months for my shoulder to heal.  However it was worth it.  I have almost full range of my left arm now.  Thank you Dr. Lyons and Dryer Physical Therapy! 

I got up for my 3:00 am shift.  I came up above and Dan was very chipper.  He hung out with me for a little while.  Then he went down below for some rest.  We were still motoring and were almost to Herrington Harbor South.  We were still going 7 knots.  We managed to maintain the speed all night long.  It felt great to be back in the Bay.  It was raining off and on but no lightening.  Thank God!  Paul got up for his watch.  I had him make us some hot chocolate.  Man did that hit the spot.  It was damp and cold out.  I made us a egg medley breakfast.  We maintain 7 knots the whole way up to Worton Creek.  We pulled up to the fuel dock around 12:00 pm.  We said our good byes to Dan and he jumped off.  We pulled off the fuel dock and headed to Maryland Marina.  We pul

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