We have met a lot of fun people in the yard in the past 8 months.  This particular night we managed to have 11 people in our cockpit for sun downers.  From left to right is:  Hayet, Piote, Dan, Paul, Peter, James, Melissa, Lloyd, Simon, Vincent, and of course I was the one taking the picture.  It was a great evening!



June 19, 2012.  Finally after an extensive winter refit, Moonshadow is floating and tied up to one of the docks at Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard.  She has been at Bert Jabin's on the hard since last October.  We have basically removed electrical panel, all electrical wires, engine, generator, water hoses, engine hoses, refrigeration, air conditioning, and much more.  Now everything is replaced with new and almost completely installed.  It has been a busy winter.  More to come with refit.