We woke up and had a nice breakfast.  We all decided to leave BVI'S and go to the US VI'S.  We didn't have a cruising permit to sail in the BVI'S and decided to get out before we had an issue.  So, off we went to Soper's Hole to check out of customs.  Our fuel gage was sill in the red, but the engine was running.  We picked up a mooring once we got there.  We all got in the dinghy to go clear out.  The motor was running.

It's Monday and our first crew member, Dan, came aboard with us around 10:30 am.  We talked for a while and decided to get out of the marina for the night.  It was about 84 degrees with no wind.  So, we cleaned the boat a little bit more and around 2:00 pm we headed out and headed for Norman Island for the night.  Along the way our fuel filter gage was running in the red again.  It goes white, yellow, then red.  But, the engine was still running.  WTF!  We made it over to Norman Island and picked up a mooring for the night.  We had a nice relaxing evening.  Paul and Dan went over to the Willy T for some cocktails.  I was beat and decided to stay and clean up from dinner.  Paul and Dan came back about an hour later and everyone got some rest for the rest of the night. 

We arrived at Nanny Cay on April 17, 2011.  Moonshadow was torn apart just like we left her.  We moved things around and made it so we have a place to sleep.  The paint job and deck refit looks great.  We decide to go to the Beach Bar for some drinks and pizza.  We knew it was going to be a long day the next day. 


We have had a major change of life since we starting to sail the open sea.  We have many new goals with new life change.  Nanny Cay is beautiful and Moonshadow looks fabulous!!  We are planning to hop the BVI Islands for the next week, then we are starting our journey back to the Chesapeake Bay.  We have two new crew members this time.  Check out that paint job.  No more Poli Glow! More to follow.