Scott Levy Blog Of Our Journey From Fort Lauderdale To Annapolis Part 1

So here i sit waiting to board my flight to Ft. Lauderdale and then to board a 42 ft sailboat that my buddy and wife own.  They spend every winter in the BVI and summer in Annapolis, Md.  I am catching them on there 2nd part of there trip.  The first part was a 7 day voyage from BVI to Ft. Lauderdale.  One crew member gets off and I get on for a 950 nautical mile trip to Annapolis,MD.  The ship never stops so someone is required to be at the helm all the time.  I have done some exciting things before but this one is at the top.  I will write a little bit about my adventure each day, hope you enjoy.

I arrived in Ft. Lauderdale and made my way to the marina.  I could not believe the amazing yachts,30 to 40 million dollar boats.  So this is how the other half lives.  I made my way to my friends boat Moonshadow a 42 ft semi custom yacht that they live on for the last 2 years.  Paul showed me around the boat, so many gadgets and switches.  There is a certain way to use the toilet, pump it dry then pump it to flush.  Also, there are fresh water foot pumps everywhere.  All the amenities of home just smaller.

Now its a waiting game.  You have to wait for the right weather window.  If we go out now with the winds blowing from the north will get beat up pretty good.  The motto is gentleman do not sail to windward.  So will have to wait and pretty much the same weather for the next two days.  Still nice to be away from the rat race of running a business.  I have been talking to the sailors that have come in to get ready to sail other boats for there 10 day trips.  These guys have interesting stories of sailing all over the world, different seas, different customs and different sailing terms.  Eyes out, its a big ocean but someone has to have eyes out.  We were going to leave but the commanders weather said wait another day.  The seas were 8 to 10 ft waves with 2 sec apart that would beat us up pretty good, so we wait.  We got the boat ready fueled up, provisions are set, water, navigational charts and a new flag on the back.  Maybe tomorrow we will leave tomorrow.