Charlotte Amalie

This morning we started heading for Charlotte Amalie.  We are still having an issue with the fuel filter gauge.  Our fuel filters are clean, but the pressure gauge is still reading in the red.  Paul is determine it was the gauge.  We got into Charlotte Amalie with no issues and dropped the hook.  Dan called the Yamaha dealer to let them know we were here.  In about an hour a rhasta guy showed up to the boat with a motor, fuel tank, and hose.  He took our old motor and fuel tank for us.  One thing of the list!  Off we went to check in at customs.  When we got there it was 1:15 pm.  The office was not open till 2:00 pm.  So, we decided to go and have a beer while we waited.  We cleared customs at 2:00 pm no problem.  There was hookah bar around the corner from customs and Paul wanted to check it out.  When we got there we must of asked the bartender a million questions about the hookahs.  Apparently there are many different flavors you can choose from.  Paul went back into the tobacco room to pick out a flavor.  About 5 minutes later.  We had a coconut flavor hookah to smoke.  It gave us a lite head sensation.  It was ok.  We will never do it again due to later that day we had massive headaches from it.  We hopped back on the dinghy and off we went to the Budget Marine in Crown Bay.  We got a fuel pressure gauge, 6 foot of anchor chain for the dinghy, and a new hook for the anchor snubber.  Then we went to the Gourmet Gallery food store.  This is a high end grocery store.  It was a little pricey, but we bought a few things.  One thing we did not buy was a pound of crab meat in a can.  It was $50.00!  Afterward we stopped at the bar beside the store, Tickles, for a drink.  We got some nachos there.  The had the hottest jalapeño peppers on them I have ever had.  We hopped back on the dinghy and headed back to Moonshadow for the rest of the night.