And They Are Off!

(Editor) According to the rally web site, Moonshadow, along with 24 other boats, sailed from Nanny Cay into the Sir Francis Drake Channel and crossed the starting line at 12:00 local time on Sunday, May 1.

To the left is Moonshadow crossing the start line. 



 Some of the other boats at the start line...

The crew of Moonshadow before leaving Nanny Cay...


Hi Guys, Just checked your

Hi Guys, Just checked your track...looks like your two piers over now. Last time I looked you were maybe in Charleston, SC. Anyway, thanks for helping this lonely sailor live out his dreams, if only in virtual realty. I admire your adventuresome spirit. Rum & Reggie Anyone? Allan s/v Asolare


Hi Guys.. We have been following your progress and are glad you arrived safely home. Sorry we missed you in Nanny Cay. We saw Moonshadow and immediately notice the the new paint job. Now that I read your blog and realize you did the work....totally impressed! Great job. George has had shoulder surgery, recuperating this summer so we can head back to Nanny Cay for the winter. Hope to see you there. Sam & George s/v Champlain


We made it back from the BVI's on May 17.  It was a long trip back, but we had a blast.  I have to get shoulder surgery as well on June 6.  Hope all is well with you!  We are planning to go back to the island in the fall.  Talk to you soon!


You go

Just wishing you fair winds and calm seas ... or at least 25 knots from the east all the way, with no seas to speak of, of course!! See you in November! Best, Dennis and Heidi