Going To Saint Thomas

We woke up and had a nice breakfast.  We all decided to leave BVI'S and go to the US VI'S.  We didn't have a cruising permit to sail in the BVI'S and decided to get out before we had an issue.  So, off we went to Soper's Hole to check out of customs.  Our fuel gage was sill in the red, but the engine was running.  We picked up a mooring once we got there.  We all got in the dinghy to go clear out.  The motor was running. I casted off the line.  Then the motor died.  We had no ores in the boat.  Dan kept trying to start the motor.  Nothing.  We ended up getting towed to the dinghy dock.  We went in and clear out of customs.  Then back to the dinghy.  The motor still didn't work.  Another cruiser ended up coming down to the dock to get into their dinghy.  We asked them if they would tow us back to our boat.  They said no problem, Thank God! 

Dan messed around with the motor for a while.  The conclusion was the Evenrude 9.9 was dead!  Dan made a phone call to the Yamaha dealer in St. Thomas.  Luckily the had a 2 stroke motor for us in Charlotte O'malley.  So, we left for Christmas Cove, which is part of St. Johns.  We had our Q Flag up and had 24 hours to check in.  We picked up a mooring for the night.  After we settled in we all went for a swim.  It felt fantastic. We had burgers on the grill & a beautiful sunset.

Where are you Have you two

Where are you Have you two left the BVI's for the bay? Let me hear from you Have a good trip & fair winds Fred