Day Before Departure!

This morning I was catching a ride into Road Town to due provisioning for the trip.  The rally had it lined up for a shuttle to Bobby's Market.  It was about a 20 minute ride and there were 5 other people too.  All the groceries are expensive in the islands and good luck trying to find everything you want.  There are not many meats and you need to look at the vegetables really good before buying them.  After an hour I had a full cart and checked out.  Back to Moonshadow I go.  Once I got back to the marina there were no carts to be found.  I asked one of the gentleman on Suzie Q if he would mind watching my groceries while I ran to the boat to get the crew to help me.  Everyone helped to get things put away.  I started to make rice bean salad.  While I was gone the guys were checking the weather.  It was looking like it would be better to go straight to Hampton than Bermuda.  The guys figured out that we needed to get someone from land to send us email of the gulf stream and weather.  So, I skype my father, Jon.  I asked him if he could compress the files and send them to our ocens mail everyday.  He said no problem!  We were all set.  We were all ready to go!  That evening the rally had a dinner for us at Peg Legs Restaurant.  We all retired early that evening.