May 1, 2011 Departure Day

"Departure at 12:00 pm"

Monday May 1, 2011.  Winds are 15 to 20 knots out of the north east.  We all had a great night sleep and went up to Genurakers for breakfast.  We bought some more water and filled up all empty bottles.  We were not able to get our generator to run for more than 30 minutes which means we are unable to make  water.  After that we strapped the dinghy down, topped off our water tanks, and closed all hatches.  We were done pretty quick.  We ended up standing around and talking to a few people.  Around 11:00 am we pulled out of the slip.  No Problem!  Off we went to the starting line. 

We got our main up and went across the starting line at 12:00.  We planned our course for Hampton, Va.  Shortly after crossing the line, Club Carpe anounced they were going to Hampton and was woundering if anyone else was going to join them.  Glory answered first and we followed them.  We had three boats going to Hampton.  It was blowing 12 to 18 knots out of the NE.  After clearing Jost Van Dyke we put a part of the genoa out.  We were sailing 6 knots.  Life is good.  During dinner we were surprised with an awesome dolphin show.  There were 5 dolphins playing for about half an hour.  It was awesome!  We got prepared for night sailing.  we thought the winds were going to build during the night.  So, we decided to put a double reef in the main and had a small patch of genoa out.  My shift was first.  I had 6 to 9, Andrew had 9 to 12, Dan had 12 to 3, and Paul had 3 to 6.