Day 17 Home Sweet Home!

I got up for my 3:00 am shift.  I came up above and Dan was very chipper.  He hung out with me for a little while.  Then he went down below for some rest.  We were still motoring and were almost to Herrington Harbor South.  We were still going 7 knots.  We managed to maintain the speed all night long.  It felt great to be back in the Bay.  It was raining off and on but no lightening.  Thank God!  Paul got up for his watch.  I had him make us some hot chocolate.  Man did that hit the spot.  It was damp and cold out.  I made us a egg medley breakfast.  We maintain 7 knots the whole way up to Worton Creek.  We pulled up to the fuel dock around 12:00 pm.  We said our good byes to Dan and he jumped off.  We pulled off the fuel dock and headed to Maryland Marina.  We pulled into the pump out station around 2:PM.  We were not sure if we still had the same slip or not.  So, we walked up to the office.  Everyone was happy to see we made it back safely!  We ended up talking Antonio, on of the employees there, and asked him if he would use the push boat to put our boat into the slip.  He said sure.  We didn't want to scratch the new paint job and there were no lines on the pilings.  Once we were all settled in, Paul and I celebrated with champaign and some cheese.  After we turned our phones on to start calling everyone.  I had a massage on my phone from my mother.  She said that my grandmother passed away and the funeral would be tomorrow.  So, Paul and I closed the boat up and hopped in our car, that we left there, and headed home.  We were glad we made it back in time!