Day 11 Atlantic Cup 2011

I woke up for watch at 6:00 am.  Paul was up with Dan still.  We were in another storm with lighting and rain.  They told me to stay below and make some coffee.  All sail were down and we were just motoring.  Around 7:00 am the engine died.  The starboard tank was low and the sediment on the bottom got all stirred up, switch clog the fuel filters.  Due to the filters being clogged the engine shut down.  Now we are just bobbing in the ocean heading toward the gulf stream.  Around 9:30 am we put the stay sail and a reef in the main.  At least we are sailing now!  We are only a 100 miles away from Cape Fear.  Which we decided to goto yesterday to ride the storm out and re-fuel.  Paul and I took fuel out of the starboard tank and filtered it into the port tank.  We used multiply paper towels and a large water bottle for filtering the sediment out of the fuel.  We changed the fuel filters  and the engine started up no problem.  We have about 15 gallons of fuel left, so we need to sail almost the whole way!  It is blowing 20 to 25 knots of wind with 10 foot swells.  we are making good ground and thankful having a great sail.