Atlantic Cup Day 10

Tuesday May 10, 2011.  The winds died down to 5 knots around 5:00 am on Paul's shift.  So, on went the motor again.  I attempted to take some pictures of sailing jellyfish.  The fishing line was out again.  Still no fish.  I made eggs, ham, tomato, onion, potato, and Parmesan cheese all mixed together for breakfast.  After my shift it was going to be my first attempt to make bread on the boat.  I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and corn bread as well.  I started with mixing up the bread so it could sit and rises twice.  Next I mix up the corn bread and let that sit.  Then I mixed up the chocolate chip cookies and put them in the oven.  I am not sure the exact temperature of the oven, so I guessed and watch everything closely.  Everything turned out perfect and the guys were excited to have cookies for desert tonight.  

We are geeked out on this trip.  There are 2 ipads, 3 iphones, chart plotter, 4 gps, and numerous paper charts.  We had chili with corn bread for dinner.  After it was time for night shifts again.  I kept passing all kinds of cloud fronts.  When Andrew cam up, we started having heat lightening storms.  Plus lightening hitting the water.  WE were just on the cusp of it.  At times we were in it.  IT WAS CRAZY!!  I stayed up with Andrew on his watch.  At midnight I went to bed.  We were still motor sailing.