Caribbean 1500 2013





Caribbean 1500 photos are now uploaded for veiwing!  Stay tuned for blogs to come.




Hello Paul & Monica

Surprise here I am again.!!!! Hope you had a good evening. Enjoying my visit with Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Tom. This is nice doing this. Wait until I can do this at home you will be sick of me. Take care, Love Mom Hi to the Sailors out to sea! Enjoying the visit with your Mom and look forward of her visit every year at this time making cookies together. Tom is always checking you guys out but he can't type so he still needs me to do it for him! Joanne, and two of her school friends and I are going to a "Tea room" in Curwensville today for lunch. It will be fun. Love you guys and miss you. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year. Aunt Rosemary Be safe......

Hi from MOM

Hi Guys this is your MoM do you believe it?? I am at Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Tom's house. How are you doing, I ssure miss you both. Wish you were coming home for xmas. Dad is at camp with all the Gepperts and I am here for a few days. So if you want to write me back by Wed. do so. Take care and miss you. Love MOM


Congrats you guys on your passage. Looks like it was rough for the first 5 days. We watched you every day! Wishing we were there with you. One of the Salty Dawgs that lost their boats were good friends of ours from our marina on Lake Superior. Wings. They left the lake 1 month before we did. They did the Bahamas last year, then did the rally. Lost their engine, and rudder, and the boat is lost. It's all they had. Retired...very nice folks. We are sad for them. A chopper lifted them off the boat. Happy for you! Stay in touch. Gotta work to least we do! Love, Scott and Jeno S/V Pendragon


Glad you are in the BVI's Safe & sound Sounds like many of the Salty Dawgs had a rough time getting across the stream. How bad was it for you? Guess the northerly quadrent of the wind against the stream must have been rough even though the sea's were still 4 to 6 feet. Wait to hear Fred ( Wild Oats)