Caribbean 1500 11/4/13

Well we have had a bumpy trip so far and it looks like it is going to continue for a while. The first day out we saw lots of dolphins! We entered the gulf stream sunday morning and we got welcomed with a wave that wanted to come right into the cockpit. We made it out of the gulf stream last night, however an eddy was trying to keep us in. This morning is not too bad. We have steady 20-25 knot winds with gust to 30 and 9 to 11 foot seas. The main thing we are working on right now is trying to get as much rest as possibly. We are all in good spirits and are looking forward to lighter winds.
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Go EAST while y'all have lighter winds. The farther south you get the trades are filling back in as of Sunday and looks like expect 20-25 out of east Sunday night thru Tuesday night. Hope to have you safely in port by Tuesday??

Cant wait to see ya!

Looking good guys! Following your progress. Sending love.


Thinking of you all! Hang on tight! Oh, tell Gordon for me "Nice picture of him and the pretty blond girl at the bar in Portsmouth - Not."

Enjoy the ride You could be

Enjoy the ride You could be becalmed Fred "Wild Oats"