Having Fun With The Caribbean 1500

Monday night cocktail hour was hosted at the Commodore Theatre, which was followed up with the movie Captain Phillips.  The owner had restored the threatre back to the 1930's era.  It was a fun evening.  Tuesday we went to some seminars in the morning.  We headed to Moonshadow afterwards to clean her up.  Tuesday evening we went to the Bier Garden for a buffet and german bier.  Boy was that bier good.  It was so good that we had one to many and were hurting a little bit Wednesday morning.  However, we managed to take a ferry to Norfolk for lunch.  Tonight we are dressing up for Halloween and Barefoot Davis is playing at Rogers Browns.  Stay tuned for photos.

Carib 1500

I envy you guys so much. Having done the 1500 twice before I know the fun and anticipation of the days before departure. Unfortunately my life right now is too complicated with land based concerns, and cash flow (or lack of it) problems. At least the government shut down didn't prevent my Soc. Sec. from coming this month which is a big relief. Have fun and drink a beer for me, but don't make it the "one too many" especially the night before departure. Bob Morrowj