Atlantic Cup May 11, 2013

Two night ago we had major light show that lasted all night long. We saw about 25 strikes of lightening to the water the rest was heat lightening. During the night it became very calm. So, Paul decided to transfer fuel out of the fuel bladder into our tanks. This requires the engine to off. Well soon as we turned the engine off the wind picked up to 18 to 25 knots of breeze. It only last for a half an hour. Once Paul was done we had to turn the engine back on to motor sail. Yesterday was pretty uneventful. However, we did get showers. We both caught up on some much needed sleep. Last night we were about 150 miles, which would put us in port around midnight tonight. We decided to slow the boat down at that time so that we would arrive tomorrow morning. That way it would be day light so we can see all the channel markers to the marina. So, we are looking at about another 15 hours until we are tied up at the marina. We can not wait!
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