Merry Christmas!

 Happy Holidays everyone!  Enjoying the warm weather down here.  Saw a green moray eel, octopus, conch, and a sting ray while snorkeling today.  No snow here, just white caps.

Sailing into 2013

Hi Paul and Monica: We are enjoying sub-freezing temps in Amish Country...tonight is supposed to be about 11 degrees. I assume you are putting up well with the tropical temps. Drew entertained 'The Friday Sailing Club' last Saturday evening at our house with his sailing adventures with you this Fall. We are all jealous. Another few weeks and we will be launching...getting back to weekends on the Bay. Best of everything to you in 2013...stay well and stay in touch. Fair Winds, Tom Narsilion

Happy Birthday Paul!

Paul Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and just want you to know that you are missed and loved. Enjoy your day. Mom and Dad Rietmulder

Hello Paul and Monica

Hello Paul and Monica, Couldn't let your BVI adventure come to pass without checking in at least once. From the looks of your gallery your'e having the time of your life, again! Good for you. Good things come to good people. BVI is on my bucket list. Jeannie prefers using US Air or other air carrier for the first leg. OK with me. Just want to live the dream, if only for a week. Maybe next year. Happy New Year, Love, Allan and Jeannie