Off To Culebra

We pulled the anchor up around 8:30 am.  We motored over to Water Island to pick up Dan's girlfriend Pamela and headed to Culebra.   She works on charter boats in the islands as a chef.  We ended up talking about all kinds of recipes and things she makes on the charters.  There was no wind once again, but it was sunny and 80 degrees out.  After motoring for four hours we dropped the anchor.  It was a lovely afternoon.  We had a cheese tray for an afternoon snack and for dinner Paul made an awesome mussel dinner over pasta.  It was nice relaxing evening with great conversation.

  The next morning we got up and headed to Megan's Bay.  In National Geographic mag they rate this the number one beach to visit.  We were fortunate to be able to anchor there over night.  Normally there are pretty big north swells there and the boat will normally  rock and roll a lot.  Which makes it hard to sleep at night.  But, due to there is no wind right now it is a very calm anchorage.  We were the only sail boat there and Moonshadow looks stunning.  After lunch we snorkeled over to the beach.  There was a band playing. We hung out for a while and put a few beers back.  We headed back to Moonshadow for the evening and turned in early.