Working At Charlotte Amalie

It was a great sleep last night.  It was a work day!  First we installed the fuel filter pressure gauge.  We turned the engine on.  We were still in the red.  Now it was time to find were the clog is!  Paul and Dan started taking the hoses off.  After about 20 minutes they found the clog.  Paul used the fender pump to unclog it.  They sucked the rest of the fuel out of the line and got the rest of the particulates out.  They put the hoses back together and turned on the engine back on.  All is a go, we are reading in the white again.  Were back in business!  We decided it was time for cocktail celebration.  Next onto the generator.  We started it up and it only ran for six minutes.  The boys trouble shot it and narrowed it down to the temperature gauge.  The area was to hot to mess with .  So, we got our ipad and went into Yacht Haven Grand.  Hooters had free wifi.  So, we went in and grabbed some food and beers.  The food sucked and the bartender sucked too!  But, I was able to download a bunch off apps and check email.  After we stopped at the Paublo grocery store for a few things.  Back to the boat.  The guys worked on the generator.  I put the groceries away and cleaned.  After an hour they started the generator up and it worked like a champ.  We made burgers on the grill for diner.  It was a great day!