On Our Way To Reedville

This Morning we left bright and early from Solomons Island on our way to Reedville, VA.  Sailing friends, Steve and Barbara, told us it was a nice anchorage a couple years ago.  So, we decided to check it out.  The wind was blowing 15 knots with gust of 25 knots out of the NW with 4 to 6 foot seas from behind us. 

We only put our Genoa out and were averaging 7 knots through the water.  We were honk-en down the bay and having a blast.  As time went on I was working on navigating and relieved that we had to Go futher east or we were going to run into land.  So, we had to jibe the sail.  Normally that would be easy for us, however now we have our staysail rigged and only have a 5 foot area to get the sail trough it was a little more difficult.  We successful we able to jibe the sail and had beam seas now.  In the process of the jibe we had one wave that rolled us pretty good and things that we thought we had secured well were all over the cabin floor.  We were not worried about that at the moment though.  We made it far enough out east to clear land and had to put another jibe in.  It was a little hairy, but we survived.  Now we having a beautiful down sail all the way to Reedville.  We ended up getting in around 4:00 pm. 

Sounds like good practice

That was quite an experience and a good practice run. You both really function well as a team. Jon and I wouldn't have fared so well. We would have both ended up going for a swim. Great pictures.