To Hampton Roads, Va

It is Saturday October 23, 2010.  We got up around 6:30 am this morning and had the anchor up by 7:00.  We saw the our second sunrise.  It was spectular.  Our plan is to go to Deltaville, Va and anchor out for the night.  The wind was blowing 5 to 10 knots out of the SW and had 1 foot seas.  We were motoring along. 

We reach the mouth of the Rappahannock River around 10:00 am, which is where Deltaville is. We starting looking at our charts and found out that Hampton, Va was only 37 miles away.  We then listened to the weather and found out that were we going to have the same conditions on Sunday, but 2 to 3 foots seas instead.  So, we decided to stay on course and make our way to Hampton.  We tried to put the sail out and was averaging 4 knots.  We wanted to mantain 6 knots so we could get into Hampton around 6:00pm.  We tried to motor sail and ended up falling of course.  We rolled the sail up and turned the RPM'S up.  The day was very relaxing and was warming up as we got futher south.  Around 2:00pm we were finally shedding off our foul weather gear.  It was about 4:00 pm and we were entering the mouth of Hampton Roads.  There were big tankers coming in and out.  The sun was in our eyes and were having a hard time seeing the color of the bouys.  We thought we were just outside of the shipping channel, but much to our suprise, a big tanker called us on the VHF and told us to speed it up or get out of his way.  He was going 20 knots and we were going as fast as we could.  So, we slowed down and did a circle.  He passed by and we resumed course.  Around 5:30 we pulled into our slip at Blue Water Yachting Center.

Hey Paul & Monica

Hey Paul & Monica, I am showing your mom the way of communication via blog posts. So far your trip looks awesome. I'll keep track of you along the way. Mom - Thanks for calling, Paul. Be safe. Love, Mom and Dad