Things Happening At Nanny Cay

We are stuck in paradise.  Friday night we decided to do laundry.  You are unable to do it during the day.  So, we had five loads to do.  We ended up meeting some guys that keep their boat here all year long.  They were also doing laundry.  Then our friends Dan & Sue decided to hang out and party with us.  They brought a bucket filled with a rum drink.  I never knew that laundry could be so much fun!  We are planning to leave the marina on Sunday morning.  We are going to a full moon party.  Then we are planning to hop around the islands.

Happy Thanksgiving - Want To Trade?

We were thinking of you guys on Thanksgiving. We were camping and it was about 30 degrees with a stiff wind. As we huddled close to the fire we thought about you guys, 85 degree temps, beautiful islands, warm waters.  We hate to see you suffering like that and we would be willing to sacrifice and trade places with you.

Wind vane

All the pictures I see of the stern don't show the vane. How did it work under the big waves off the rear quarter? Wait to hear We are back in PA once again. Fred

Having fun one day at a time

Now you two can enjoy each others company. No one to bother you. Take off for Anigota & find a secluded anchorage to fully kick back This is what being a CRUISER is all about. I think I told you that Al fractured his sholder while replacing the Perkins engine. He is out of commission until Jan. according to Lois. Enjoy Mafe sure to visit Foxies Fred