Shopping In Hampton

After Tim Hasson left, Paul and I decided to head out to get some shopping done.  The West Marine down here is providing a shuttle for members of the Caribbean 1500.  As we were waiting for the shuttle, fellow ralley members were also heading out and offered a ride along with them.  We took their offer up and ended up spending the afternoon with them. 

Our first stop was West Marine. As you can see, Steve and Jim didn't make out too bad there.  Then we were off to Bass Pro Shop for fishing gear.  Paul and I looked just like Steve and Jim coming out of this store.  After this we took a break and had some lunch at a burrito shop.  After lunch we were off to the liquor store.  The laws here said that we had to carry our travel permit, which was our receipt, for anything over 3 gallons of liqour.  Next we were off to the grocery store for beer and small items.  Jim's suv was packed and we were heading back to the marina with all our goodies.   


Isn't that a little overboard? Or,is that what you'll be if you consume three gallons? Are you counting down days or the hours to launch(or whatever the correct nautical term is, Captain Paul)?

Over 3 gallons? Afraid to ask.

So, you walked out with over 3 gallons of liquor. I'm afraid to ask how much over 3 gallons. :-)