Paul Cooking Dinner

We have made it to Solomons Islands around 2:00 pm.  We picked up a mooring for $40.00 at Zanhier's Marina.  We checked in at the office and used there bikes for a ride into town.  We rode by a research facility and of course all Paul could see was how many fume hoods they had in within the labs.  We stopped buy the visitor center and learned it was the oldest house on Solomons Island. 

We learned about how they are trying to save the oyster beds in Maryland.  Afterwords we stopped at a bar called Stoney's and had some oysters on the half-shell.  We figured we would help their cause.  Ha Ha!  After leaving the bar, we went back to the marina and returned the bikes.  We went back to Moonshadow to prepare dinner.  Paul wanted to check out the new cooking harness so we decided to make Jambalaya.  Morty told us that his cousin, The Arrogant Frog, had a vineyard and started making a Pinot Noir that would pair nicely.  So, we took his advice. The jambalaya was fantastic.



Cooking harness for Gayle

I like the cooking harness. I want to get one for Gayle to use at home.

Can't Stop A True Gourmet

It's good to know that even big waves and rough seas can't keep a true gourmet from his kitchen.