November 12, 2012

We are getting very close! We are forecasting to be in on Wednesday. Still have not caught a fish yet, but we are still trying. Maybe today.
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Hope all is well now that you are in your PRIME cruising grounds Enjoy yourselves. Wild Oats is on the Hard now (a very sad day) It is just as well as it is very cold here compared to what I am used to. Enjoy Fred

Sun & fun

Congrats on finishing, glad you all had a safe journey! Enjoy your cold beverages, hot showers and the warm sunshine!

In our thoughts!

Pam and Greg


Looks like you made landfall!!!!!!!!!! Wonder if you all enjoying a long hot shower and a cold beverage.

Love, Tilly and Sarah

Thirsty yet?

I'm guessing the crew is starting to get pretty thirsty! Steady as she goes.

paul and monica

Been keeping an eye on you guys sounds like your having a great trip so far we got back from camp we all had a great time with the kids and mom and dad keep up the great work!
Love brother.

Continued great sailing

We've been following your trip. Sounds like you've had a great trip so far, continued good sailing!

Bruce & Norma