Atlantic Cup Day 8

Happy Mothers Day!  Paul woke me up for watch this morning.  It was a rough night!  The wind is blowing 10 to 14 knots out of the NE.  We still had reduced sail up.  I told him to put out the genoa and take a reef out of the main.  We were moving along at 6.5.  I topped Dan's speed of 8.4 knots and had 8.6 knots Baby!  Crew has decided it only blows when I am at the helm now.  So, now they want me on all the time.  We all called our mother's to wish them a Happy Mothers Day!  I got some bad news.  My grandmother is probably going to pass in the week coming.  So, I said a pray and hoped we would be back in time.  Afterwords the wind died.  Time to turn the engine on and drop the sails.

Before we put the motor in forward, we all jumped in the water.  Then we suds up and jumped in again.  After we rinsed with fresh water.  Dan and I tried to take pictures of the birds again.  It was a mellow afternoon of motoring.  We saw dauphin around 5:00 pm.  We talked to Herb today.  He is a weather forecaster on the SSB.  He told us there is a huge low front coming and we needed to go west to get out of it's way.  We had  a chicken dinner with cucumber salad and sun-dried tomato risotto.  We ended up motor sailing all night.