Atlantic Cup Day 6

We were able to sail all night long.  The winds calmed down to 10 knots on my shift.  Paul decided to put more sail out, however we were only going 4.0 knots.  So, in went the genoa, down went the stay sail, and on went the motor!  Paul went to sleep afterwords.  Crew is pretty tired except me.  I have been sleeping pretty well at night and taking an hour or two nap in the afternoon.  We haven't seen any dauphins since the first night and have not caught a fish yet!  We are official halfway there now!  We are not able to here any other boats on the SSB in the rally except for Glory and Southern Cross.  As the day went on the wind totally died.  I made the famous shrimp dill pasta for dinner.  The evening we ended up motor sailing all night going 6 knots in the right direction!  Paul and Dan saw a meteor coming close to the water and Paul saw 5 shooting star that night.