Atlantic Cup Day 4

It was sunny and 80 again.  The winds were still out of the NE blowing 10 to 15 knots.  We were still having 30 degree winds shifts too.  We had put one reef in the main and did not have the whole genoa out.  As soon as I got on shift everything was put back out.  We were moving along at 6 knots.  With the major wind shifts we had to hand steer all day once again.  Everyone is getting along great and are having a blast.  We are starting to have a hard time hearing the boats that are going to Bermuda on role call.  By now there are seven boats out of 26 going to Hampton.  We had pineapple pancakes for breakfast.  Fantastic!  We decided to talk to Herb on the SSB.  Herb will give you a personalized detailed weather forecast for your boat.  Since we left the rally we were not sure if they would still send us the weather.  We thought it was a wise choice to get weather from somewhere else.  Jon has been sending us the weather grid files and the gulf stream analyze as well.  It has been very helpful with planning on what to do!  For dinner we had Alesis Lentil Soup with Ham.  That night the winds were fluky, so we decided to motor sail for the evening with just the main up.  We needed to make northerly progress!