Atlantic Cup Day 3

It is sunny about 80 degrees and winds are out of the NE 12 to 18 knots.  First thing we put all sails up.  However, we kept getting wind shift of 30 degrees.  Which meant everyone was hand steering all day.  Our autopilot was acting up and would not hold a course to save her life!  We put the fishing rods out.  We had role call morning and evening just like before.  The role call in the morning boats that were going to Bermuda were talking about how they were not going to make it by Sunday which was the party.  About five of them changed there minds and diverted straight to Hampton.

We had a bite on our fishing line during lunch.  Paul went to grab it and lost the fish.  Then we realized that another fish "Bigger" came and ate the fish on our line.  The fish ended up taking both lures with him.  So, if you catch a fish with 2 lures in it.  They are ours!  It was a mess though.  Both line ended up getting tangled up with each other.  After time we managed to get them untangled.  After lunch I cut up a pineapple.  I went to through it over the side.  Dan was on the helm and I came within inches of almost hitting him with the top piece of the pineapple.  Oops!  We had Chili for diner tonight.  It really hit the spot.  That night we had another calm evening, but we kept the sails up and was making forward progress.  On top of that we had the monitor figured out and was steering for us on a beautiful course.