Day 12 Atlantic Cup 2011

Well we were able to sail all night!  we are sailing along at 5.5 knots.  The wind is blowing 12 to 18 knots out of the north east.  Great sailing day!  We are about 50 miles away from Cape Fear.  We are planning to go to Southport Marina.  There is a 3 knot current through the channel.  So, we are planning to go into the channel at slack tide.  That way we will only have .5 knot current to deal with.  We got to Southport Marina at 12:30 pm and didn't run out of fuel!  We pulled up to the fuel dock and filled up both fuel tanks along with all jerry cans aboard.  The diesel was only $4.00 per gallon and already had treatment in it.  We ended up with a total of 101 gallons of diesel.  Next they moved us into a slip for the evening.  Beer Time!!  We all went over to check in.  The one gentleman that worked there let us borrow is BMW to go to the grocery store.  So, Andrew and I went to the Lowes Food Market.  It was 4 miles away from the marina. We got everything we needed and more!  As we were going to the check out counter there was a wine tasting.  It was crappy wine, but we tried all 5 of them anyways.  We got back to the boat, Paul & Dan were working away.  Paul went up the mast to inspect our tricolor.  We thought we had lost it underway.  It was still there and was working great.  He also inspected the shrouds and the radar mount.  Good thing because there were some screws loose on the radar mount.  They also filled the water tanks and washed the cockpit down.  While Andrew and I were gone, they saw 2 pirate ships go by and a guy at the marina put his jib on upside down.  Now it was time for real showers!!  We decided to go out for dinner.  So, we walked to Howe Street and went to a restaurant called Mr. P's.  We had fantastic raw oysters and clams.  Andrew and Dan had a seafood platter.  Paul had the jambalaya and I had a shrimp, goat cheese salad.  Everything was good.  After we walked back to the boat for some much needed sleep.