More Bad News


It is the day after Halloween and were heard more bad news.  The hurricane has put us back until Monday the 8th.  We are all getting bored and are having to go out and get more food.  At least it is a reason to get away.  We were planning to go on a fishing trip on Wednesday, however that has also been canceled due to weather. 



WOW !! So glad you are safe and have arrived. Now to celebrate in Totola!


We are so proud of you two. Tracy and have certainly been with you in spirit. .06 miles to go. Love you and miss you both. Congratulations on your epic adventure.

Bad News

Hey guys, just read about the delay; tough break but weather wise. Keep your spirits up in anticipation of the adventure that awaits. We will be following on the site. Be safe & we wish you well.

Sorry to hear about your delays

Sorry to hear about your delays but better safe than sorry with the weather. Saw on the cariba500 web site that some of the group went over to the Mariners' Museum. Did you get a chance to go? Bobbi and I (especially me with the Civil War interest) really enjoyed it. When we were there the scientists had drained the tank holding the Monitor's turret and were working on casting molds of the bolt patterns for the armor plating.