Back In The BVI'S


We have had a major change of life since we starting to sail the open sea.  We have many new goals with new life change.  Nanny Cay is beautiful and Moonshadow looks fabulous!!  We are planning to hop the BVI Islands for the next week, then we are starting our journey back to the Chesapeake Bay.  We have two new crew members this time.  Check out that paint job.  No more Poli Glow! More to follow.

found your site

found your site and thought it great im new to this game so if you get this i will give you more info on myself next time oh i live in Guernsey channel islands.    tried finding you on map ,just a blank page.all the best in the race.can you answer with a hello please so i know this thing works chow from al in guernsey ci

tracking map

Al, if the tracking map link in the right column of the blog doesn't work for you please try using the 'satellite tracking' link in the main menu under 'track us'. That opens the tracking map in a full page view instead of in a lightbox window. I believe it requires support for flash objects so if you are on a mac you may be out of luck.

Thank for your reply,my

Thank for your reply,my secret is i am yousing a Wii cosule,i can hear you laughing from here.still it works great with marinetraffic.Hope that was the sea and not the wine shakeing the camera in the galley. let me know how you are getting,bye for now---GOOD LUCK.


Al,  great to hear from you, we had a most fabilous trip, are now back in PA. and sailing on the cheaspeake. We have lots of post comming on the blog within the next few days.

Look forward to speaking sometime: SKYPE name Moonshadowpm.