May 19, 2013

OK... The trip up the US east coast was flat, and swift being in the Gulf Stream, we carried 3.5 to 2 knots of current which gave us great boat speed. Averaged 198 nm day 1, 189 nm day 2, 176 nm day 3, and 182 day 4. Than to Cape Hatteras famous for storms and ship wrecks. Well we sure had some great storms last night. Monica was on watch and saw 3 huge water spouts, multiple lighting strikes,winds to 25 knots and seas built to 5-8ft. Moonshadow hung in there and got us through safely. Now the water is green not emerald blue, the temperature is in the 60's not 82. The sky is cloudly not clear. We are woundering why did we come back. Hope it gets better. Should be into Hampton VA late this afternoon.

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