First Day Of Our Voyage

It is finally departure day.  We woke up at 5:AM and were ready to start our voyage.  We decided to leave before the 11:00 am departure time so that we would be out of all the confusion of everyone trying to leave at the same time.  It is only about 40 degrees out and the sun is shining.  We left the dock at 7:30 am.  It was a stellar departure.  Moonshadow backed right out of the slip without hitting any boats or pilings and off we went.  Our neighbors, Rule 62, followed our lead and were right behind us.  We motored out to the Territorial demarcation line.  Which is the entrance to the Atlantic Ocean.  After crossing, the main went up.  Followed by the genoa and stay sail.  We were averaging 8 knots in 15-25 knots apparent wind.  It was absolutely incredible.  This was the first time we had all three sails up at once.  There were boats everywhere. As we were sailing along.  Mike and I saw a pilot whale. We had a great sail all day.  During the week Jim had us put everything away and strap down anything that could possible move.  We thought he was going a little over board, but thank god we did!  The boat was a rocking and rolling, but nothing was flying around.  As it came onto night, it was a totally different story.  Around 2:AM winds had picked up and we were over powered with our sails.  The boat was averaging 9 knots.  Paul and Mike got up and had to go forward to put a reef in the main.  Jim stayed on the helm and I was told to stay down below.  The sounds down below were horrifying to me.  I just kept praying they would be okay! Being down below it felt like one of the scary movies.  There were all these different noises and I was unable to place any of them!  Of course, everything went very smooth and I was worrying for nothing.  Paul joined me back in bed shortly after.  Our one crew member, Mike, just before we left had gotten a flu shot and was not feeling well at all! Our watch schedule would now begin like this. Monica 6-9 am and pm. Jim 9-12 am and pm. Mike 12-3 am and pm. Paul 3-6 am and pm.